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It's Time to Experience the Joy of Gymnastics

Imagination takes center stage at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy! Explore, learn, and grow in a safe and encouraging environment. Located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London W8 and SW1, we help people recognise and experience the joy of doing gymnastics to sustain a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Click here to book a trial and join us today.

Chelsea Gymnastics at St Philips Church, Kensington and Chelsea, London W8

  • Chelsea Gymnastics offers general gymnastics classes in KENSINGTON at St Philip's Church W8 6QH for both children (6-11 years of age) and adults in very small groups (only 8 students in a class) with one of the best coach-student ratio (1:4) for group classes in London, so that each student receives the attention, guidance and support they need to excel in their gymnastics journey.
  • We also provide personal gymnastics lessons at the Kensington Studio W8 6JP delivered by the London Gymnastics Champion, coach Stefan.

Chelsea Gymnastics Academy - Kensington W8

Our venues in Kensington & Chelsea, London W8.

  • Chelsea Gymnastics offers general gymnastics classes for children (6-11 years of age) in KNIGHTSBRIDGE at More House School SW1X 0AA in very small groups (only 8 students in a class) with a bespoke coach-student ratio of 1:4, so that each gymnast receives the attention, guidance and support they deserve.

Chelsea Gymnastics Academy - Knightsbridge SW1

Serving Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Chelsea.


How to Join?

  1. BOOK A TRIAL SESSION: If you would like to join Chelsea Gymnastics Academy, please contact us and book a trial session. Sessions must be booked and paid in advance via bank transfer, and they are non-refundable or transferable. The cost of a trial group session is £25, and a single personal lesson is £80. Check out our fees and terms & conditions here.
    After you trial session, you can become a member and join a group class by paying the rest of the term fee. You will also need to make a registration on the British Gymnastics website and pay £22 fee for your (your child) gymnastics insurance.
    If you decide to go for personal lessons, they can be booked in a time that suits you best. Check out our fees and terms & conditions here.


10 Reasons to Choose Chelsea Gymnastics

  1. Prime Location in Kensington and Chelsea: Easily accessible in the heart of W8 and SW1 London, Chelsea Gymnastics offers convenience and allows you to be part of a vibrant community.
  2. Personalised Attention: Small group classes (max 8 students) and an exceptional coach-student ratio (1:4) ensure you receive individualised attention, guidance, and support to reach your full potential.
  3. Expert Coaching: Learn from the best! Head Coach Dr Stefan Kolimechkov (a London Gymnastics Champion with 2 decades of experience) and his team, share their expertise and passion for the sport with every student.
  4. Safe and Secure Environment: All of our team are DBS checked, safeguarding and protecting children qualified. St Philip's Church, More House School, and The Kensington Studio provide safe and well-equipped spaces for practice, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.
  5. Flexible Options: Choose from group classes in Kensington W8 or Knightsbridge SW1, or personalised lessons with Coach Stefan at the Kensington Studio to fit your needs and schedule.
  6. In-Home Advantage: Experience the ultimate convenience and personalised attention with our in-home personal lessons for primary school children. Learn and grow in the comfort of your own space, guided by our expert coaches.
  7. Move beyond the mat: Chelsea Gymnastics goes above and beyond, providing science-based Academy Resources exclusively prepared by Dr Stefan Kolimechkov to give you information on key pillars like physical fitness, nutrition, and the benefits of gymnastics. Learn how strength, flexibility, and healthy habits contribute to a fulfilling life at any age.
  8. Unlock the Joy of Gymnastics: We focus on creating a positive and encouraging environment where everyone can experience the pure joy of movement and achievement in gymnastics. It's not just about flips and tricks, it's about self-discovery and fun!
  9. Legacy of Success: Established in 2022, Chelsea Gymnastics draws on the rich heritage of its predecessor STK SPORT (2013-2022), Stefan's previous venture. You benefit from his long-standing success and commitment to gymnastics excellence.
  10. Community Feel: Together, we inspire a generation of fit and healthy people in Kensington and Chelsea, London.


What Others Are Saying

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Class Timetable

Gymnastics Club in Kensington W8

The group classes are limited to only 8 students in a group with a coach-student ratio of 1:4. The classes are 50 min, and they are held in Kensington (St Philip's Church W8 6QH every Tuesday and Friday) and in Knightsbridge (More House School SW1X 0AA every Wednesday).

Day Venue Class Start Finish
TUESDAY Kensington W8 Class 1 (Children) 5:45 pm 6:35 pm
TUESDAY Kensington W8 Class 2 (Children) 6:45 pm 7:35 pm
TUESDAY Kensington W8 Class 3 (Adults) 7:45 pm 8:35 pm
WEDNESDAY Knightsbridge SW1 Class 7 (Children) 5:00 pm 5:50 pm
WEDNESDAY Knightsbridge SW1 Class 8 (Children) 6:00 pm 6:50 pm
FRIDAY Kensington W8 Class 4 (Children) 4:30 pm 5:20 pm
FRIDAY Kensington W8 Class 5 (Children) 5:30 pm 6:20 pm
FRIDAY Kensington W8 Class 6 (Children) 6:30 pm 7:20 pm

Personal lessons are held at The Kensington Studio (W8 6JP) and in client's homes at the weekends and some week days.


Meet the Teachers
  • Coach Stefan

    coach Stefan at Chelsea Gymnastics Club

    Dr Stefan Kolimechkov is the Director and Founder of Chelsea Gymnastics Academy. Coach Stefan has 15 years experience coaching children at all levels, ages and abilities in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. He holds a QTS, Level 3 UKCC in gymnastics, Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner status, and a PhD in Physical Education with his Doctoral thesis on the benefits of gymnastics at primary school age. Stefan is also 3 x London Gymnastics Champion on Rings.

  • Club Manager & Welfare Officer

    Club Manager and Safeguarding Officer at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy

    Mary-Anne Gordon has been the Club Secretary / Manager and Deputy Welfare Officer at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy since 2022, and our Club Welfare Officer since 2024. She helps uphold safeguarding standards of the club and ensures that the values of the club are embedded. She brings a wealth of experience to the club having worked with various age groups in London. Her qualifications include a Bachelor's of Education degree, QTS, and Designated Safeguard Lead Training.

  • Coach Misha

    coach Misha at Chelsea Gymnastics Club

    Coach Misha has been teaching gymnastics at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy since February 2024. She has a remarkable career of more than two decades in gymnastics, winning over 150 medals and trophies, including the prestigious titles of 2 times Bulgarian Republican Champion for Groups (Junior & Senior). Coach Misha holds a Level 2 gymnastics qualification and she is currently working towards her Level 3 qualification. She strives to create a fun and supportive environment where every child can reach their full potential.

Club Rules


  1. Please arrive on time for the start of the class. Arriving more than 10 minutes late to a class will result in your child being unable to join in with the class for health and safety purposes.
  2. Please ensure your child has used the toilet and has water prior to the class.
  3. Make sure that you provided us with the most up to date contact details, medical info, etc.
  4. You are allowed to watch your child but please do not make phone calls, speak too loudly, or make noise if you decide to stay in the gymnastics hall.
  5. Pictures and videos are not allowed to be taken (unless during Parent viewing week).


  1. Treat your peers, coaches and other gymnasts with respect.
  2. Hair tied back.
  3. Jewellery must not be worn during classes. No makeup.
  4. Chewing gum, food and drinks (apart from water) is not permitted in the hall.
  5. Gymnasts must not leave the gymnasium without an adult.
  6. Be dressed correctly, club T-shirt, shorts, joggers, tracksuit bottoms are fine but, please do not wear jeans, tights, hoodies or similar attire.
  7. No socks/shoes on mats.
  8. Only attempt gymastics skills which have been instructed by the coaches.

Chelsea Gymnastics Academy has a zero tolerance policy for abusive or argumentative behaviour to our staff. We reserve all rights to refuse entry.

We are a relatively small gymnastics club, and therefore, we are unable to cater to students with learning difficulties and disabilities. However, if you contact British Gymnastics, they should be able to help you find a club that caters to students with specific requirements.


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Gymnastics classes for children in London. Chelsea Gymnastics Academy


Terms and Conditions

  • Class spaces are guaranteed when payment is made for that space.
  • Fees for the Group Classes are non-refundable. Missed sessions or cancelation are non-refundable or transferable.
  • A 48-hour cancellation policy applies for Personal Sessions. If you cancel within 48 hours from the start of the personal session, you will still be charged for the lesson and no refund will be offered (cancellations must be made via email: dr.stefan.kolimechkov@gmail.com or text/call: 07 999 578 700).