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Personal Gymnastics Lessons

Gymnastics Sessions For Adults at the Kensington Studio


Personal Gymnastics Lessons For Adults at the Kensington Studio in London, W8 6JP


Chelsea Gymnastics Academy offers PERSONAL GYMNASTICS SESSIONS (1x1 and 1x2) for adults at The Kensington Studio. This is a unique opportunity for you to book a personal gymnastics session with coach Stefan, a qualified gymnastics coach, 3 x London Rings Champion, multiple champion and medallist from Adult Gymnastics competitions. The studio is located in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, 6 minutes walk from High Street Kensington tube station, 8 minutes walk from Gloucester Road tube station, and 5 minutes walk from Earls Court tube station (Earls Court Road exit). Please note that the studio is not equipped with tumble tracks and trampolines, so advanced skills, such as back handsprings and flips are not taught there.

These sessions do not cover flips or other dynamic skills which require apparatuses. The sessions are mainly concentarted on improving body-weight gymnastics skills, work on parallel bars and fitness rings, flexibility and gymnastic strength and conditioning. Remember, everyone can do gymnastics, regardless of age or ability, and we will do our best to show you that everything is possible. Coach Stefan will share his methods for training and will guide you in your journey into gymnastics.



The Kensington Studio, 24a Radley Mews, London W8 6JP.


Inside the Kensington Studio

Gymnastics for Adults in the Kensington Studio W8

This is where the gymnastics lessons take place. You will practise many mat-based gymnastics skills, such as jumps, balances, forward, backward and side rolls, cartwheels, handstands, headstands, walkovers, etc., in addition to strength exercises on mini-bars, and flexibility exercises.

Gymnastics sessions in Kensington at the Kensington Studio W8 - Chelsea Gymnastics Academy


Club Rules

Gymnastics Sessions Near me in Kensington W8

  1. Please arrive on time for the start of the personal session.
  2. Make sure that you provided us with the most up to date contact details, medical info, etc.
  3. Jewellery must not be worn during sessions. No makeup.
  4. Chewing gum, food and drinks (apart from water) is not permitted in the studio.
  5. Be dressed correctly, club T-shirt, shorts, joggers, tracksuit bottoms are fine but, please do not wear jeans, tights, hoodies or similar attire.
  6. No socks/shoes on mats.
  7. Only attempt gymastics skills which have been instructed by the coach!


Terms and Conditions

  • All sessions are paid in advance and by bank transfer only.
  • A 48-hour cancellation policy applies. If you cancel within 48 hours from the start of the personal session, you will still be charged for the lesson and no refund will be offered (cancellations must be made via email: dr.stefan.kolimechkov@gmail.com or text/call: 07 999 578 700.