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Gymnastics Sessions For Children

Gymnastics Classes For Children in Kensington and Chelsea

This is David (one of Stefan's best gymnasts) at the age of 8.


Gymnastics For Children

In this video, you will hear Chelsea (our AI virtual assistant) and coach Stefan talking about our gymnastics sessions for children, as well as the benefits of doing gymnastics at young age. You will also learn more about coach Stefan.

Dear Parents,

Chelsea Gymnastics Academy provides bespoke gymnastics lessons at The Kensington Studio, at The Revival Studio in Hammersmith, and in the comfort of your own home in London. We also offer group sessions in general gymnastics during school terms at St Philip's Church in Kensington, W8 6QH. All sessions are run by coach Stefan, a qualified gymnastics coach with more than 15 years experience of teaching children at all levels, ages and abilities. These lessons follow fundamental principles in gymnastics coaching based on Stefan's scientific research (conducted throughout his Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees), and the private lessons are geared towards your personal goals.


What Do We Offer?


Our Methods

Gymnastics is an important activity for the healthy growth and development of all children. In particular, gymnastics promotes the development of coordination, strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance. For the last few years, Stefan has focused on the health-related physical fitness of children, along with ways to improve our health and sports results through a course of exercise and a balanced diet. Please take a moment to view Stefan's research papers and scientific presentations related to gymnastics, which are available for reading on this website.

For primary school children we deliver the STK SPORT Gymnastics Awards Scheme which has been developed over the years based on Stefan's scientific research in gymnastics. The Awards Scheme progressively develop core skills such as Balance, Strength, Flexibility & Body composition, with 10 levels of attainment, and provide children with the motivation of earning rewards for achievement in the form of certificates.

Gymnastics Sessions for Children in Kensington and Chelsea in London

Saara was one of Stefan's first gymnasts who completed the British Gymnastics Core Proficiency Awards Scheme (which we later replaced with the newly-developed home-based STK SPORT Gymnastics Awards Scheme).


Your Coach is a registered Exercise Professional

Who will be Your Coach?

All sessions are conducted by coach Stefan. Stefan is the Director and owner of Chelsea Gymnastics Academy. He has a full DBS clearance, safeguarding qualification, First Aid certificate, British Gymnastics Coaching Qualification, and he has been awarded with the Level 6 Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist by the European Register of Exercise Professionals. At the end of 2020, he was one of the first UK's professionals to be awarded the Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner status by CIMSPA.

Before incorporating Chelsea Gymnastics Academy, Stefan prepared many children for gymnastics competitions while working for the biggest gymnastics club in Bulgaria, Levski GC (between 2008 and 2012), and the Elite Gymnastics Academy CIC in London (between 2013 and 2020). Many of Stefan's gymnasts won certificates and medals from club, regional and national gymnastics competitions in Bulgaria and the UK. But above all, Stefan is an athlete who is still taking part in gymnastics competitions, and we are proud to mention that he is Three-Time London Rings Champion (2015, 2016 & 2017).

London Gymnastics Championships

Stefan is congratulating his gymnast Fergus (competing for the Elite Gymnastics Academy) after performing on Floor and winning a gold medal at the 2017 London Gymnastics Championships.


Gymnastics Leaflet for Parents

Chelsea Gymnastics Academy - Gymnastics in Kensington and Chelsea, London

Click on the image above to download our gymnastics leaflet and find out more about the personal gymnastics lessons and group classes that we offer for children in our beautiful borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Gymnastics For Children

We prepared a special video on the most frequently asked questions about our personal gymnastics sessions for children, followed by a list of the FAQs. Check it out here »