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Coach Maurice

Coach Maurice joined Chelsea Gymnastics Academy

Coach Maurice joined Chelsea Gymnastics Academy as a Club Welfare Officer in 2022, and then started coaching for the club in March 2023. His extensive experience and dedication to the sport make him a valuable asset to our team at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy. His passion for gymnastics and commitment to his athletes' success are evident in his impressive career. We are proud to have him as part of our coaching team.

A Journey Begins: The Early Years

Meet Coach Maurice, a gymnastics coach with a rich history in the sport. His journey began in 1984 when he qualified and started working at the renowned Hendon Sports Centre. There, he had the privilege of working alongside esteemed coaches such as Martin Ling, Barry Martin, and Valeri Gregoriev, an Olympic Russian men's coach. This experience allowed him to work with national squad Men’s gymnasts, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of the sport.


Advancing the Career: Ladywell Gymnastics Club and Beyond

Coach Maurice later moved to Ladywell Gymnastics Club, where he worked under the guidance of Chris Evens, John Austin, and Brenda Austin, all of whom were part of the British national squad coaching team. His dedication and expertise led one of his gymnasts from the Girls squad to secure a place in the British team, which later led her to compete in the 1992 Olympics.


Expanding Horizons: The American School in London

Expanding his reach, coach Maurice joined South Hampstead High School as a technical adviser, and also worked with IJDS & The American School in London. The squads he coached at ASL competed across Europe and Great Britain, showcasing the high level of training and discipline instilled by Maurice.


A New Chapter: Opening His Own Club

In 1996, Maurice took a significant step in his career by opening his own club. He later joined East London Gymnastics Club in 2010, further solidifying his presence in the gymnastics community. He also coached for Perform Better Gymnastics Club.


The Olympic Experience: A Career Highlight

A highlight of coach Maurice's career came in 2012 when he was appointed as an Olympic Host coach to the Japanese Olympic Men’s and Women’s teams, as well as the American Olympic Men’s team. Following the 2012 London Olympic Games, three gymnasts chose to continue their training under Maurice's guidance.


Coaching success

Coach Maurice has been coaching for the University of Cambridge since 2014, where his men’s team became British Gold Champions for two years, and women’s individual won bronze in 2014.


The information on this page showcases coach Maurice's impressive gymnastics career, which proves his strong emphasis on creating a secure, nurturing, and comprehensive learning environment for your child here at Chelsea Gymnastics Academy.